Wooden floors are now becoming more popular as more and more people around the globe are becoming more aware of the environment and strive to reduce our carbon imprints. The good news is bamboo is more ecological than other wooden materials such as hardwood. This is because bamboo can regenerate quicker than any other wooden material for flooring. Also, bamboo is extremely strong and durable, which makes it a favorite flooring material.  

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The following are the reasons why you need to opt for bamboo flooring: 

1. It is ubiquitous. 

Bamboo is widely available and this makes it safe for you to use without feeling guilty of cutting some and using them for your house. Before, the green movement had a difficult time finding eco-friendly products without exhausting nature’s natural resources. Now, because of the existence of bamboo, this has become possible.  

2. It is extremely durable 

Bamboo can withstand force, and this durability applies when you use them as your flooring. In fact, it has been proven the bamboo floors are durable that it can withstand areas with high traffic. For a concrete example, the strand woven bamboo is considered to be three times harder and more durable than the oak according to the Janka hardness rating. Also, most manufacturers can provide you 25year of warranty.  

3.it is eco-friendly 

The following will elaborate on how bamboo is an eco-friendly material for flooring: 

  • It is renewable – bamboo is able to regenerate for up to five years compared to other wooden resources that need at least 30 years to renew.  
  • It is regenerative – bamboos are able to regenerate from the root even after pulling out.  
  • It is easy to harvest – there is no necessary equipment that needs fuel to get bamboo, as they can be picked using your hands  
  • They have Stewardship Council Approval – this means that they are approved to be completely safe to the environment and that they do not cause any destruction to any animal and plant life.  

4. It does not need fancy maintenance 

As mentioned, bamboo is extremely versatile and durable, and this means that you do not need to worry about annual repair as it is very resistant to damage. In addition to this, bamboo material does not need any finishing to be able to withstand any damages and elements.  

5. It is resistant to moisture 

Bamboo can withstand more than 20 hours of water spills and they can even be used for kitchen and powder floorings.  

6. It is affordable 

When you compared it to the other hardwood trees, your bamboo is way cheaper. However, it does not mean that it does not provide the advantages that hardwood provides.  

Final thoughts 

If you want to experience the benefits of hardwood and at the same time be more friendly to the environment, we suggest that you try this kind of flooring material.