C60, also referred to as the “buckyballs” due to its appearance, is becoming more and more popular among individuals who want to have a healthy body. Research has shown that it is a very powerful antioxidant that also has good effects on removing saturated fats. It is effective in removing different toxins in our body, which contribute to faster cell deterioration and diseases. It was also shown that this compound is more long-lasting compared to other antioxidants as it has reactive oxygen.  

There are several trusted shops that provide you the benefits of C60 in different types of products. If you are interested, you may want a C60 supplement and other C60-related products.  

Individuals who have taken c60 have admitted to experience the following effects on their body: 

  • Improved sleep 
  • Feeling less tired 
  • Easier workouts 
  • Good physical functions 
  • More endurance 
  • Relief from physical pain due to illnesses like arthritis and others 
  • More energy 

This compound is proven unabsorbable by the body when taken raw. So, it needs to be dissolved into something for our body to get the benefits that C60 provides. This is why you will see some products that mix olive oil and C60. Olive oil has substances that are also beneficial to the body like polyphenols. The following are the said benefits of C60 in olive oil: 

1. It is effective in fighting free radicals  

Free radicals are toxic by-products of oxygen metabolism that are potential damage to your tissues and cells. This is where c60 is able to provide you the benefits you need as it is able to delay the oxidation process, which is very harmful to your body.  

2. It may increase your life span 

There have been studies that have been conducted that show c60 is able to increase the life span of lab rats by 90 percent. This is rooted in its ability to protect your body at the molecular level.  

3. It improves your immune system 

Aside from its ability to protect you from radicals, it can also stimulate your immune cells such as our white blood cells and cytokines which are responsible for fighting viruses and diseases preventing your body from catching illnesses.  

Also, it is very effective in protecting you from allergies and other inflammatory type of discomfort.  

4.Prevents apoptosis 

Apoptosis is characterized by cell death, which C60 is able to prevent. The C60 is also effective in helping you prevent other neurological deterioration such as Alzheimer’s disease.  

5. It helps protects skin cells 

There have been skin-related products that have been mixed with C60 and are proven to regenerate the skin cells leaving your skin supple, rehydrated, and free from toxins and radicals. It is also effective in reducing inflammation, pimples, and skin lesions 

Final thoughts 

If you think you want the overall and holistic benefits that C60 is able to provide to you, do not hesitate to go to the local shops and ask them how to use it. Although there could be different products that have different applications.